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IDC survey explores operational resilience

SunGard Availability Services has released survey results published in an IDC White Paper which was sponsored by the company. ‘Lack of Operational Resilience Will Undermine Enterprise Competitiveness: A Strategy for Availability’ identifies the competitive advantages of establishing sophisticated systems for maintaining uninterrupted business operations.

IDC interviewed more than 900 LOB and IT executives in the US and the UK across a series of industries to determine the enterprise view of operational resilience and how prepared enterprises are in providing such capabilities.

Nearly 40 percent of line of business (LOB) and IT executives surveyed indicated that ‘operational resilience’ systems signify business and IT services that are always on and available.

While the survey results published in the white paper found that expectations are high for operational resilience systems, it also recorded fundamental challenges that hinder organizations achieving desired levels of continuous business operations. These potential vulnerabilities, it indicates, could lead to significant underperformance by an enterprise.

Currently the IT environments of most organizations involve a complex mixture of hybrid legacy infrastructure, middleware and application technologies that also include new capabilities involving virtualized servers as well as public and private cloud resources. For many enterprises, overcoming existing organizational and technology vulnerabilities that are impeding their ability to achieve operational resilience, which are only further challenged by the adoption of cloud, social, and mobile, will probably require utilizing a combination of internal and external IT services.

The study identifies three key building blocks for achieving operational resiliency and combatting vulnerabilities. These are:

  • Information security and data governance;
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery; and
  • IT service management.

Collectively, these three disciplines support the level of agility and resilience needed for an enterprise to maintain always on operations. Additionally, the survey indicates the need for enterprises to develop an operational resilience strategy that uses these three key building blocks.

Results of the survey will be discussed in a webinar on May 16th. More details.

•Date: 2nd May 2013 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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