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New software solution detects downtime and data loss risks across the entire storage area network

Continuity Software has announced that it has expanded its family of service availability risk management solutions with the addition of AvailabilityGuard/SAN. The new software solution detects downtime and data loss risks across the entire storage area network (SAN), further ensuring that data protection and business continuity goals are consistently met.

The modern SAN has become very complex, made up of numerous vendors' technologies and managed by multiple teams. Keeping up with hundreds of instruction pages published regularly by each storage, server, HBA, multipathing, virtualization, and other vendors at all times is essentially impossible for any IT team. Configuration errors that violate vendor best practices are practically inevitable in this dynamic environment.

Compounding the challenge for IT teams, with frequent changes made across the environment and no single universal management tool, changes originating in one area of the infrastructure are often not carried through to completion across other areas that are managed by other teams.

AvailabilityGuard/SAN offers end-to-end visualization that allows IT teams to coordinate activities across domains. Drawing on the strength of a community-supported knowledgebase containing thousands of potential risks, the software proactively detects risks, validates vendor best practices, and ensures the configuration is optimized.

AvailabilityGuard/SAN features:

  • Automatic daily verification of the SAN fabric;
  • Validation that configuration changes do not introduce downtime and/or data loss risks;
  • Impact review of configuration changes prior to deployment;
  • Clear visibility into SAN configuration: end-to-end.

AvailabilityGuard/SAN is now generally available and priced starting at: $20,000 per year.


•Date: 27th August 2013 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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