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Results from the Continuity Software IT Operations Analytics Benchmark

Continuity Software has published the results of the Continuity Software IT Operations Analytics Benchmark. Based on results collected across a variety of industry verticals - including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail - the benchmark underscores the importance of operational analytics in meeting IT performance goals and reducing downtime.

The IT Operations Analytics Benchmark survey's key findings include:

Large organizations are the most common users of analytical tools to monitor and measure IT performance goals. 57 percent of the large organizations surveyed use analytical tools to monitor, and measure IT performance goals (versus just 29 percent of small companies).

Cross-domain operational excellence is mostly measured by uptime. 89 percent of the organizations surveyed measure uptime across most or all IT domains; 66 percent measure performance; 51 percent measure the number of open issues.

Frequently tracking configuration consistency helps organizations meet their goals. 53 percent of the organizations that track configuration consistency on a daily basis across the IT infrastructure are meeting or exceeding their goals, compared to 31-33 percent of the organizations that track only portions of the infrastructure.

Better measurement and analysis tools are required for IT operations excellence. 40 percent of organizations surveyed cited better measurement and analysis tools as the most effective means for achieving operations excellence, followed by tools to detect cross-domain IT configuration issues (22 percent) and tools to enforce IT best practices (19 percent).

Storage and network performance rank highest. 71 percent of the organizations surveyed monitor storage and network key performance indicators (KPIs); other areas of IT operations that are commonly monitored and measured include applications (69 percent), databases (66 percent), and clusters (49 percent).

Cloud environments continue to lag behind. Just 14 percent of the organizations surveyed monitor and measure cloud KPIs; and only 43 percent of the organizations surveyed never analyze configuration consistency in their cloud environment.

To read the full report, click here.

•Date: 8th January 2014 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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