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The Cost of Inertia

Iron Mountain, the storage and information management company, has published predictions from 230 IT professionals on how organizations will protect data in 2014 and beyond.

Entitled ‘The Cost of Inertia’, the newly released survey report indicates that IT professionals believe most organizations will not do enough in the near future to fortify their data backup and recovery practices, despite recognizing that information security risks continue to grow.

Some of the report’s key insights include:

  • Data loss ranks as the number one concern of IT leaders: With 68 percent probability, the report shows that data loss and privacy breaches are the most prevalent concern for IT leaders over the next 12-18 months.
  • Managing increased data volumes will continue to overwhelm organizations: There is a 77 percent likelihood that the rising tide of data will remain the greatest challenge facing IT organizations. Contributing to the issue is that many enterprises have data stored on various technologies, making access to this data a concern as these organizations work to meet growing archiving requirements.
  • Backup tape is still an attractive storage option: Respondents indicated with a 62 percent confidence level that IT organizations are grappling with limited funding for aligning data growth and data protection. At the same time, tape’s low total cost of ownership (TCO) makes it an attractive factor for its role in a hybrid backup strategy.

“As the volume of data continues to explode, companies are strapped with how to cost effectively archive that information and protect it from potential data loss,” said Jay Livens, director of product and solutions marketing, Iron Mountain. “The only way organizations can accomplish these goals and overcome their limited budgets is to store smart with a mix of cloud, disk and tape technologies.”

The full report with complete survey data and data protection predictions is available at www.ironmountain.com/predictions

•Date: 17th January 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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