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Emulex study looks into network availability issues

Emulex Corporation has published the results of a study of 547 European and US network and security operations (NetOps and SecOps) professionals, which found that 45 percent of IT staff monitor network and application performance manually, instead of implementing proven network monitoring tools. The study, which was conducted during the spring of 2014, also found that 77 percent of respondents have reported the root cause of a network or security event to their executive team that turned out to be incorrect. Overall, 73 percent of surveyed IT staff said they currently have unresolved network events.

Other key findings from the survey:

Attribution often incorrect

  • 79 percent of the surveyed organizations have experienced network events that were attributed to the wrong IT group.
  • 87 percent of respondents said that, at least once, they had to report the root cause of a network or security issue to their management but found that they didn’t have the information required to be 100 percent accurate in their assessment.
  • More than one-third (39 percent) said this has happened at least a few times.

Security events on the rise

  • 83 percent of respondents said there has been an increase in the number of security events they have investigated in the past year.
  • 81 percent of SecOps respondents indicated that their organization has experienced a network security breach.
  • 27 percent of breaches were discovered without the use of alerting tools, through manual searches and user reporting.

Growing mobility demands

  • 84 percent of respondents said their organization has implemented a bring your own device (BYOD) initiative.
  • 26 percent of European respondents said they have no plans to monitor the network for performance issues related to BYOD. When combined with the fact that 45% of organizations are manually monitoring the performance of their networks, the growing amount of mobile device-generated traffic is on pace to overwhelm enterprise networks.

Downtime hugely impactful

  • 70 percent of NetOps respondents indicated that they have had a critical network event that took at least one full business day to diagnose.
  • More than half of US respondents (52 percent) said it costs their organization more than half a million dollars in revenue per hour when they have a network outage or performance degradation.

Read the full executive summary report here (PDF).

•Date: 17th July 2014 • US/UK/Europe •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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