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Latest version of Quorum’s single-step disaster recovery solution offers ‘industry’s only true agentless protection’

Quorum has announced the general availability of Quorum onQ v3.8. This latest version ‘offers a long list of new features and enhancements - among them, the industry’s first truly agentless protection for application consistency’, says Quorum.

Several backup and recovery vendors claim that their solutions are agentless in an effort to distinguish themselves from agent-based solutions. Quorum claims that ‘in reality, in order to achieve application consistency, their solutions inject an agent during backup and remove it once backup has finished. Therefore, they cannot be considered truly agentless’.

The OnQ 3.8 disaster recovery solution can perform as either agent-based or agentless, giving users a choice depending on their management, CPU overhead and compliance needs.

OnQ v3.8’s agentless feature provides lower CPU utilization of the protected VM and easier management in a VMware environment. In addition, agentless enrollment is the only possible solution for systems where persistent agents or dynamic processes are not allowed.

Additional key product features in onQ v3.8 include:

  • Enhanced reporting (charts and graphs): Provides real-time and historic data to help users better understand the health of their systems;
  • Recovery Node (RN) startup dependencies and grouping: Enables users to manage several dependent RNs and ensure that the RN are booted in proper sequence;
  • Protected Node configuration log: A new log to support compliance reporting;
  • PN health report (also called PN intelligence data): Helps debug and predict PN issues; delivered as an attachment to the Backup Activity Report (not available for agentless PNs);
  • Multinetwork and VLAN support for Recovery Nodes: Enables easy emulation of any production network; users can create complex test networks to test Recovery Nodes;
  • Bare metal restore (BMR) improvements: Volume-level restoration for both full BMR and incremental options, network configurations for multiple NICs, mount point management, and more.

OnQ v3.8 (appliance and DRaaS versions) is now generally available. Current Quorum customers can upgrade at no additional cost. For more information, please visit www.quorum.net

•Date: 14th August 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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