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The 2014 VM Backup Report

NAKIVO has released its 2014 VM Backup report, providing insight into the state of virtualization data protection globally.

The data for the report has been collected via a global survey of small and medium sized businesses (companies with up to 250 employees or up to $100M in annual revenue) who are using VMware virtualization in their data centers / centres.

Key risks identified in the report are:

  • Complete data loss: 1 in 4 SMBs keep all of their VM backups and replicas onsite, and thus run a high risk of losing all of their data in case of a disaster, storage failure, or backup repository corruption;
  • Failed recoveries: almost a third of companies do not verify their VM backups for recoverability and run the risk of not being able to recover data because VM backups are corrupted;
  • Long disaster recovery times: 35 percent of businesses rely solely on VM backup, and thus run the risk of long recovery times in case of a disaster;
  • Cost of a downtime: 41 percent of SMBs do not know the cost of their business-critical VMs being down, and can suffer significant revenue/customer loss if their Tier 1 VMs become unavailable.

NAKIVO recommendations:

  • Keep at least one copy of business critical VM backups offsite to ensure that VMs can be recovered in case of a disaster.
  • Schedule VM backup verification. On average, two-thirds of SMBs had to recover VMs in the past 12 months, and 16 percent of those VM recoveries failed.
  • Use VM replication for business critical VMs.
  • Identify business critical VMs and assess downtime/data loss costs.

The report can be downloaded at: www.nakivo.com/2014-vm-backup-report.htm

•Date: 27th October 2014 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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