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Terrorism news

RIMS comments on failure of US Congress to reauthorize TRIA
Short-sighted Congress fails to protect US companies against terrorism says RIMS.

Revised version of PAS 96 introduces the Threat Assessment Critical Control Points risk management methodology to the food sector
BSI has announced the availability of a revised version of PAS 96, which helps companies safeguard food and drink against malicious tampering and food terrorism.

Australian terrorism alert level raised from Medium to High
Owners and operators of critical infrastructure and places of mass gathering are encouraged to review their security plans.

US and Australian governments respond to change in UK terrorism threat level
Following the decision last week by the UK government to increase the threat level from international terrorism from substantial to severe, the US and Australian governments have responded with statements.

Islamic State is an ‘imminent threat to the safety of America and Europe’ says Chuck Hagel
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has highlighted the potential terrorism threat posed by the Islamic State group.

Reaction to TRIA approval
RIMS has published its response to the US Senate’s passage of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act reauthorization bill.

The UK and international terrorism: new MI5 Director General gives his views
UK terrorism threat has not increased but has become more unpredictable.

US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs highlights ten challenges facing the Department of Homeland Security
Expansion of DHS remit has weakened its ability to achieve its original terrorism protection mission.

INTERPOL warns of possible upswing in terrorism around the world
Global security alert advises increased vigilance for terrorist activity.

European Union and United States convene CBRN Risk Mitigation Dialogue
Represents a renewed effort to coordinate EU and US CBRN assistance activities to mitigate CBRN risks of all kinds.

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CPNI issues guidance on vehicle security barrier installation
‘Factors influencing concrete curing during vehicle security barrier installation.’

FBI worst-case exercise tests response to chemical attack
FBI exercise showed how private industry has an important seat at the table.

DHS announces expansion of the Securing the Cities program
The Securing the Cities program seeks to lessen the threat posed by dangerous radiological or nuclear materials against major metropolitan areas in the United States.

UK threat-level from international terrorism increased
Home Secretary Theresa May announces threat-level change from Substantial to Severe.

Back to the future: the threat of more terrorist attacks against the UK
Peter Power looks at how the UK terrorism threat is changing and what business continuity managers can do to ensure their organization is prepared.

Ten years after the 9/11 Commission Report the Bipartisan Policy Center publishes a new terrorism sitrep
‘Today’s Rising Terrorist Threat and the Danger to the United States: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of The 9/11 Commission Report.’

FBI Director sets out current terrorism threat
In a statement before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, FBI Director James B. Comey gave an update on recent changes in the terrorism threat landscape.

Retail and transport sectors face highest risk of terrorist attack
According to research by Aon, 33 percent of 2013 terrorism attacks affecting the retail sector and 18 percent impacted the transportation sector.

How prepared are UK businesses for terrorism?
Not very: according to an assessment of a recent YouGov counterterrorism preparedness survey.

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